Walking can increase your beauty

When you enjoy your younger time of 20-year-old, you can eat whatever you like, then sitting only from day till night, your body will still be feeling great, without any discomfort of back or leg that could happens to a middle age women. Once entering the 30-year-old, it is very important to start to learn to do the right thing. If you continue to indulge yourself, acting like you are 20-years-old teenager, you will end up to be like a fatty meatball. When you reach your age of 40 or 50, you are likely to become a grumpy and sick monster.

There is a way to help you to maintain a healthy body figure even you have entering 30-year-old, which is, walking.

30 years old woman

Many women still having a modest life when they entering her life of 30-year-old. Then, things started to change when they have their first child, which is the time that a great responsibility come into her life, then the excess fat started to appear in their life. Women are much less active at the age of 30, which is why their weight will be started to get increased, the body will started to run out of their desired figure. That’s why very important that, 30-year-old is the time to start walk a lot.

Long sitting can slow down the body’s metabolism and burning less calories. Brisk walk allows you to burn a lot of calories of your body while you doing such activities, even more if you practising regular exercise that can help to maintain your body’s strong metabolism.

 Proposed prescription:

Keep walking for 1 hour every day, 3 to 4 times a week, in addition, do physical training for two times a week, keep it for 30 to 40 minutes every time.

Another advantage of walking is it can makes your energetic throughout the day, so you will be full of high spirits all day. A healthy women can maximize her oxygen utilization, so that all can be converted into more energy to handle her heavy routine for her lovely family.

40-year-old woman

A woman 40 years old often happen to be under stress, because she need to take care of her family and often need to make a major decision on her live in hard situation. A 40-year-old women need to overcome her stress and at the same time, she need to be aware of middle age disease and muscle atrophy. All these could be taken care by just keep walking as one of her healthy habits.

Relieve stress

When people is feeling nervous, blood pressure will be rising, followed by increasing heart rate, then the nervous hormones will be getting more into the blood. Tension will weaken your immune system, so you are more likely to suffer from a cold to even cancer and other critical diseases. Walking help your brain to produce more excitatory endocrine that could help you get rid of negative emotions such as depression and anxiety.

 Prevent disease

Studies show that women who do moderate exercise (such as walking) are much less likely to develop cancer than those who sitting long all day. An energetic women have only 50% chance of having a heart attack. The appropriate amount of regular exercise can even reduce the risk of having stroke in their life in half. We are not talking about marathon running, we are just like to highlight the right amount of exercise (such as a regular walk) here.

Train your muscle

When your age getting older and older, your muscles around your body will be gradually shrink. Exercise helps to improve this terrible inverse effect of age that appear on your body muscles. In addition to walking, when you increase the time and effort of your physical training, you can get your muscle fit and nice.