The important things you should know on weight loss.

What are the important things you should know of weight loss?

Body meat can be reduced, but the body shape will not change

Fat loves women’s thighs, buttocks and men’s waist, so obese women like a pear, while obese men are more like an apple. Partial fat loss is almost a fantasy, the use of X-ray to analyze the body before and after weight loss found that local weight loss simply does not work.

Professor of obesity and nutrition research at Boston University School of Medicine, said that:

“Weight loss is a reduction in body fat.”

Weight loss people who have to understand, weight can be reduced, the body cannot be changed.

 The fat on the stomach is more dangerous

Generally speaking, women tend to pear-shaped body, men tend to apple type. Crazy weight loss is usually “female pears”, but the buttocks subcutaneous fat just looks high-profile, abdominal fat is really dangerous presence.

These fat accumulations in the abdomen is notorious visceral fat, they are wrapped in abdominal organs, disrupting the body’s normal metabolic mechanism, the risk index is very high!

Fat is a basic energy supply for the body and that free fatty acids produced by lipolysis enter the liver and produce Energy supply to the human body.

But if your fat is too much, too much fatty acid beyond the liver’s ability to deal with, it will accumulate in the liver, triggering a series of health problems, including non-alcoholic fatty liver, insulin resistance and diabetes. At the same time, some of the hormone secretion of fat cells can induce heart disease, stroke, joint muscle pain and so on.

 Only increase the fat cells

Generally speaking, humans have 1 billion to 3 billion fat cells, but obese fat cells can be as many as 10 billion! Do not think that this huge family of fat cells because of weight loss and “population” plummeted to normal.

Adipocytes are very special, and the fat we eat will be stored in adipocytes in the form of triglycerides to facilitate the body to call at any time. If we are always overeating, it will let the fat cell volume expansion; and weight loss, the fat cells will only shrink in the volume of water, the number is not reduced, and these shrinking fat still retain the ability to expand.

Weight loss cannot reduce the number of fat cells, to reduce the number of fat cells only can rely on liposuction surgery.