Skin care tricks for woman who love to stay late

According to the psychologist’s point of view, to develop a habit need to adhere to 21 days. Therefore, in the 21 days do not give up halfway and  wait until the end of 21 days, you will find your skin has undergone a significant transformation, and these good habits have been naturally formed.

Do not late wash face

Skin care to adapt to changes in the environment and the state of the body, so do not wait until before going to bed only want to clean the skin, try to cut the time in advance can reduce the skin burden, prevent acne formation. Cleansing may wish to use both remover and clean two-in-one cleanser, 2 minutes to get clean. Some of the deep cleansing effect of cleanser containing fruit acid or salicylic acid is significant.

Especially salicylic acid, which is the only complex that can actually penetrate hair follicles for cleansing. It can increase the rate of keratinocyte metabolism and reduce the accumulation of skin surface waste and toxins so that you can stay away from your tired face

Moisturizing care

After cleansing ,coated with moisturizing as soon as possible and make this effect is good, easy to absorb the beauty solution. It is best to use a cotton pad with cosmetic liquid until the cotton pad was transparent, you can see the finger, and then start from the face center, with a slight sag of the skin gently press the skin gently.gently press the skin on the residual lotion, so that it fully penetrates the skin.

Apply face mask to quickly improve the dry

If you are as worried about daily application of mask will lead to over-maintenance, then you can after cleansing with moisturizing beauty solution soaked in paper mask, deposited in the face.

10 minutes after the moisture in the mask will be dry skin, and then spray a layer of make-up water, 5 minutes after the peel, the skin can become moist and tender.

Night sleep with detox night cream

Even if you cannot sleep in the best liver detoxification time before 23:00, but also can be applied before 23 o’clock with the essence of detoxification repair cream, smear with a simple 30 seconds massage, can promote blood circulation, improve cell metabolism vitality and exclusion of skin.

The use of essence

As far as possible before midnight to complete the essence of the liquid smear step, which allows the essence of nutrients in the essence of play. Some of the night-containing essence with nano-infiltration technology or a variety of plant extracts is more likely to penetrate deep into the skin, enhance cell viability, and promote metabolic cycles.

Coated cream tips tips

Our masking method is simple and effective. Apply cream to the face of five (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) were even rub cream on the palm of your hand wrapped around the entire face for 5 seconds, and then left in the palm of the cream, homeopathy brought to the neck Skin, respectively, with the left hand to shoot the right side of the neck, right hand to shoot the left side of the neck 10, can also play tight neck skin, the role of prevention of wrinkle relaxation.

 Wipe the skin with essential oils glory

Bedtime maintenance, in a pot of hot water by adding a few drops of essential oil and stir evenly, first steam steamed face, to be reduced after the water temperature, you can immerse the water in the water, three or five minutes. This method on the skin dry, dull and other issues have a very good effect.