How to Know Men is having Aging Problem

Everyone can have aging problem. Some come early, some may come later, but the fact is many men still not aware of the problem even when it has been happening already. This could be due to most of the men are too busy in working or lack of concern on this problem. That’s why nowadays men could look much older than women when both of them reach age of 40s. Below are some tips that can help the men to know more whether they have any aging problem:

  1. Vision: Eye ball become thicker, and vision getting worse for example lack of focus or blur vision on the object.
  2. Hair: Hair follicles on the scalp getting lesser that causing hair loss or slower hair growth, and even worse if some men begin to see his baldhead
  3. Sexual activities: sexual impulse or the desire for having sexual activities getting lesser. The male sexual orgasm for 30 years old man is not less than 100 times averagely per annum, while for 40 years old is not less than 80 times, 50 years old is not less than 60 times, and 60 years old above is not less than 50 times. This statistical result is based on the research from a University.
  4. The angle of the penis erection: Men who aged less than 50 years old is having lower angle of penis erection than men who aged 25 years old only. Men will start to realize themselves having over-aging problem only when they find the condition very bad in that aspect, which is too late already to recover it.
  5. Stamina: Physical stamina is decreasing significantly. For example, 70-year-old man could be having half of the stamina only for a 20-year-old man.
  6. Lung function: chest bones begin to become harder. The lung muscle which controls the breathing mechanism is getting burden than usual. This will cause more and more harmful substances not able to release from the body and persist in the lungs
  7. Heart function: heart regulation system becomes slower, the fastest heart rate per minute is getting lower than the standard number;
  8. Hearing: ear inner membrane getting thicken, ear canal atrophy getting narrow, and the men getting more and more difficult to distinguish or recognize the audio tone or the frequency , which in other words, the sensitivity to the voice getting lower.
  9. Fat: the body fat is gradually increasing, and the fat accumulation getting worse, muscle and organ fat ratio increased;
  10. Muscle and bone: Amyotrophia or muscle getting weaker, atrophia ossis or bone degeneration occurs.

All these are the symptom that gives warning to men who need to aware of the aging problem. Sometimes it may too late for men to do something already when the symptom being observed. Therefore, men need to always keep this in mind and start to engage in those activities that can help to prevent aging problem before it happens.