Health or Beauty Issue due to Insufficient Sleep

In ancient times, people work at sunrise, rest after sunset and let the body follow the rules of nature. Nowadays, heavy workload and social networking makes a lot of people stay up very late at night and sacrifice his or her health for time, which ultimately led to many health problems. Since it is inevitable to stay up so late, how can we reduce this impact to our body?

Stay up late have seven major health issue, especially to our beauty.

  1. Lack of sleep can cause the hearing problem due to insufficient of blood supply for our inner ear, injury hearing. Always stay up late could lead to deafness.
  2. People who always stay up late people used to eat supper, this not only cause people to have difficulty to digest the food, but also may makes them loss of appetite in the next morning, resulting in nutritional imbalance which ultimately lead to obesity.
  3. Skin damage. This is the main concern for many people who like to keep their beauty, especially ladies. People’s skin will be entering reservation state in the evening 10-11pm. People who often stay up late will have disorder of the human endocrine function that could cause dry skin or dullness or lack of elasticity on the skin, or even causing acne, dark spots and other skin issues.
  4. Memory loss. Stay up late too often will makes people feel more excitement at night while have less excitement during the day. Dizziness, memory loss, unable to concentrate, less responsive and so on will happen to them. In long run, there will be more issue such as neurasthenia, insomnia and so on.
  5. Gastric problem. The epithelial cells inside the stomach would be renewed or reborn 2-3 days once averagely and usually happens at night. If you stay late and eat at night, your stomach doesn’t get to rest on time and it will affect the natural repair process. At the same time, supper that left in the stomach for long time will increase the gastric juice that can cause irritation to the gastric mucosa and lead to gastric erosion, ulcers or more issue in long term.
  6. Impact on the immune system. People who often stay up all night will easier to get cold, allergies while you immune system getting bad.
  7. Exposed to risk of heart disease. People who always stay up late will not only having bad temper but also it will increase the risk of heart disease due to insufficient rest for internal organs.

Often stay up all night can bring harm to your body and beauty if you just do it blindly. You can avoid all these if you know the secrets of how to stay up late healthily. This is possible and you able to makes your life better if you have no choice but got to stay up late for whatever reasons such as rushing your work overtime or doing your leisure activities at night time. Lets learn the secret now before you getting too late to avoid the impact on your health and beauty.