Hair Care (Part 2)

Still admire advertisement on the elegant shiny hair?Are you still busy searching hairdressing beauty master? Here lets us see some important and basic hair care for difference hair types.

A) dry hair

Dry hair is due to hair structure in the hair cuticle has been damaged, resulting in hair short of water, lack of oil, a sun and it is easy to become dry. The more serious may also cause hair to become yellow, bifurcation, fragile and easy to break. Therefore, in the choice of hair care should pay attention to whether it has a wet moisture role. So your hair can take a deep breath like the skin ah

B) Oily hair

Just wash hair in a good time, but also indeed gives a refreshing feeling. Oily hair has strong ultraviolet radiation, and hair mixed with sweat very greasy and stick. Some people cannot withstand with oily hair. Stay over all night significantly will increase oil on hair.People with oily hair should choose weak acidic shampoo and hair care products (such as health odd side anti-off shampoo)!

C)  Fragile hair

Fragile hair is due to extremely lack of nutrition that cause hair ‘s elasticity loss, fragile and easy to break. Therefore, the best to choose the shampoo products with of nutrients.

The repair of hair after sunburn

A ) Normal hair

Use hair scalp and the hair will be natural cooling. Choose hair shampoo and conditioner, close to the scalp temperature with water and thoroughly clean it.

B ) Dry, split hair

Adhere to the daily dry hair shampoo for hair and for the hair split phenomenon, the next day to use a hair care essence.

C ) Shiny yellow hair

Choose shampoos and conditioner shampoos with UFA and use twice a week with a well-maintained conditioner.

D ) Elastic poor hair

Shampoo used to improve the hair, repair weak hair, hair elasticity to enhance the abundance of shampoo and conditioner. It is recommended to strengthen the nutrition of the hair film at least once a week.

3 Misunderstanding about hair care

Misunderstanding 1: wash your hair every day will damage the hair

Wash your hair every day will damage the concept of hair is wrong, clean is the fundamental health. Hair wash every day is to ensure that the scalp is not blocked by grease and other dirt. Usually we use the shampoo which can only do surface cleaning, the scalp root for a long time will be more accumulation of dirt, hinder normal hair growth, if not do deep cleansing promptly, it is easy to lead to hair loss and hair follicle health problems.

Myth 2: stay long time without shampoo can prevent hair loss

Many male friends have inherited hair loss or even bald, in order to protect the rest of the hair, they often choose not to wash their hair for a long time, so as not to increase hair loss. In fact, the correct approach is not correct!

 Myth 3: hair and then re – heat are not afraid of the sun

Many people think that the hair scalp is to protect the sun anyway. This is totally wrong! The hair after sun exposure, moisture is easily get lost. The scalp is high temperature stimulation, increased sweating, oil, hair will therefore become very fragile, easy to fall off. This is why in the summer day; we will encounter serious hair loss situation.