Eye Care

The maintenance of eye should be take good care over age of 20.How many people ‘s first wrinkles start around the eyes?

Some people tell you that the eye must be special maintenance of girls over the age of 20 will use eye cream.

Eye fat particles are generally having two kinds of problems. First, millet rash. This can be picked out with acne needles. If do not dare to do so,have to go to the hospital to find a doctor get out on the line. Usually this type is bulging out of the skin, similar to the appearance of small acne or small meat pulling. Second problem is syringoma, which is generally close to see, if the they are dense in the skin below, with acne needle cannot pick out things. If you feel that it affects the beauty , can go the hospital to get rid of beauty.However, these two causes with skin care products really have little to do.

Eye maintenance really need to start from 20-year-old? In fact, reasonable maintenance has to start as early as possible. Eye can only use eye cream, using face cream will be a problem?So, shampoo can only be used in the hair, face the skin, will be a problem, right? Facial products can be used in the eye completely depends on their own. I would like to ask a question here, how many people in the face when the product can be completely coated, 100% of the skin to avoid the eye? (Including the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, temple site!) If the answer is not, your eye because Do you have problems with facial products in your eyes?

Since facial products can be used, then the meaning of eye cream is?

Eye cream is the first to be a lot of people accept the product of the district care. Once we advocate mixed skin can try partition care, many people excuse this as trouble and does not want to try. Think about it, eye cream is not a facial area care product? Eye skin may be because the degree of drying with the face of a significant difference, so for facial moisturizing products may not be suitable for the eye, naturally derived from the eye cream and cream slightly.

How to apply eye cream?

The recommended method is from the vicinity of the nose, smear to the temple near, regardless of the upper and lower eyelids. As is pasted or pressed in the past. As long as the tactics are gentle enough to do how to have type! If the method is simple and crude.