Design your diet for your true beauty

Our daily food generally can be divided into five main categories, i.e.

  1. cereals,
  2. vegetables and fruits,
  3. livestock, poultry, fish and eggs,
  4. milk and beans,
  5. soy products, oils and fats.

A balanced diet should include all these five categories of food. During special festivals or events, you may get to eat more than usual so you should be more aware of the recipes mentioned below to enjoy a healthy meal for your either inner or outer beauty.

Flour 100g = 21 cal


Mee products have more than 90% of the moisture and low calorie, but also have less nutrients, so it is one of the staple food, and should be taken with a variety of natural foods, in order to have your healthy body, while not suffering from hunger.

-Plain white rice 100g = 184 cal

Generally, people from Asian such as China, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, etc prefer taking white rice as their staple food than any other food. This could be due to the unique culture of the countries  for decades and centuries. And there are variety types of rice, however, the calories are almost comparable, but of course the less processed type such as brown rice or germ rice is always preferable, as it is having the greatest nutritional value than other type of rice so we are always encouraged to take brown rice for a healthier diet.

-Toast 100g = 292 cal

It is one of the most common staple foods for breakfast. There are many types of toast and many recipes of it, but it is better to choose whole wheat toast than any others, which is high in fiber but low in calories.

-Noodles 100g = 295 cal

It is a semi-liquid diet as it is rich in moisture. It easily gives us the feeling of fullness so you could control yourself from having it too much at any point of time, and it is very easy to be digested and absorbed by our body, thus it is one of the great choices of staple food if looking for a slim and beautiful body.

-Buckwheat noodles 100g = 363 cal

Soba noodles are one of the popular Japanese pasta types, it’s chewy texture always gives you another level of satisfaction on your meal, and it is rich in nutrition yet. It is rich in vitamin D which could help in anti-aging and cancer prevention.

Oatmeal 100g = 393 cal

Oatmeal is rich in fiber and unsaturated fats, it can control rapid increase in postprandial blood glucose. Of course it is the best if you pick the original cereals with no added artificial flavor, and avoid from cooking it too long to avoid the nutrient loss unintentionally from such a healthy food.

In summary, weight loss doesn’t mean you should eat less. Instead, you still could enjoy your meal in a different way or different recipes than blindly keep on diet; you still will find yourself getting slimming down and become more and more beautiful if you eat smart and healthy.