Clothes wearing tips that woman should know

  1. Woman over 30 years do not wear a short skirt, doll shirt because this age is not suitable for cute.
  2. Know how to mix and match clothing. If the top with flower, then the bottom should be plain color. If the whole body with flowers is vulgar.
  3. Clothing with flowers and lattice should not appear on the body at the same time which will be a contradiction.
  4. clothing is full of metal buttons and pockets of the so-called hunting that is the model catwalk with the props, life will only make people confuse your sex.
  5. Woman who is the large feature face should not wear a small floral, which will looks only top-heavy
  6. Woman with skin is not good is not recommended to wear the old and dull color clothing, it will look duller and not energetic.
  7. Woman with fatty legs and outer legs is not recommended to wear pencil pants and tight pants.
  8. Woman with the front of the chest posted the back of the body is not recommended to wear tight clothing, which will make you will only look more thin, fold the best clothing decoration.
  9. Woman with tall body is not recommended to wear woolen sweater, that will only look more rugged, thin people wear woolen clothing will look the best.
  10. Important occasion is not recommended to wear colorful clothing, that will only look you have no heritage.
  11. Woman should know specify clothing for specify or festive occasions.
  12. Do not wear skin shoes to travel, the feeling of wearing skin shoes walking on the beach is very funny.
  13. Woman with shorter in height is not recommended to let the scarf hanging down a long time, that looks shorter, the effect of putting the scarf around the neck will be better.
  14. Woman with height only 1.5 meters to wear fine high heels feel like walking on the stilts. It will like make a fuss.
  15. Woman with fat body is not recommended to wear loose clothing which will look very dirty, do not wear tight body clothing will be exposed, fit clothing is the best choice.
  16. Fur clothing is recommended to wear with makeup and hair dress up, a yellow face and straw-like tail put on how fur is like borrowed, remember: not everyone is suitable for noble luxury.
  17. Woman with short neck is not recommended to wear high collar clothing to stay long hair, it seems like no neck.
  18. Woman with years of 40 do not pretend pure, long hair fluttering that is the girl’s looks. Looks mature with wisely thinking is most suitable.