Clothes wearing tips that woman should know

  1. Woman over 30 years do not wear a short skirt, doll shirt because this age is not suitable for cute.
  2. Know how to mix and match clothing. If the top with flower, then the bottom should be plain color. If the whole body with flowers is vulgar.
  3. Clothing with flowers and lattice should not appear on the body at the same time which will be a contradiction.
  4. clothing is full of metal buttons and pockets of the so-called hunting that is the model catwalk with the props, life will only make people confuse your sex.
  5. Woman who is the large feature face should not wear a small floral, which will looks only top-heavy
  6. Woman with skin is not good is not recommended to wear the old and dull color clothing, it will look duller and not energetic.
  7. Woman with fatty legs and outer legs is not recommended to wear pencil pants and tight pants.
  8. Woman with the front of the chest posted the back of the body is not recommended to wear tight clothing, which will make you will only look more thin, fold the best clothing decoration.
  9. Woman with tall body is not recommended to wear woolen sweater, that will only look more rugged, thin people wear woolen clothing will look the best.
  10. Important occasion is not recommended to wear colorful clothing, that will only look you have no heritage.
  11. Woman should know specify clothing for specify or festive occasions.
  12. Do not wear skin shoes to travel, the feeling of wearing skin shoes walking on the beach is very funny.
  13. Woman with shorter in height is not recommended to let the scarf hanging down a long time, that looks shorter, the effect of putting the scarf around the neck will be better.
  14. Woman with height only 1.5 meters to wear fine high heels feel like walking on the stilts. It will like make a fuss.
  15. Woman with fat body is not recommended to wear loose clothing which will look very dirty, do not wear tight body clothing will be exposed, fit clothing is the best choice.
  16. Fur clothing is recommended to wear with makeup and hair dress up, a yellow face and straw-like tail put on how fur is like borrowed, remember: not everyone is suitable for noble luxury.
  17. Woman with short neck is not recommended to wear high collar clothing to stay long hair, it seems like no neck.
  18. Woman with years of 40 do not pretend pure, long hair fluttering that is the girl’s looks. Looks mature with wisely thinking is most suitable.

Skin care tricks for woman who love to stay late

According to the psychologist’s point of view, to develop a habit need to adhere to 21 days. Therefore, in the 21 days do not give up halfway and  wait until the end of 21 days, you will find your skin has undergone a significant transformation, and these good habits have been naturally formed.

Do not late wash face

Skin care to adapt to changes in the environment and the state of the body, so do not wait until before going to bed only want to clean the skin, try to cut the time in advance can reduce the skin burden, prevent acne formation. Cleansing may wish to use both remover and clean two-in-one cleanser, 2 minutes to get clean. Some of the deep cleansing effect of cleanser containing fruit acid or salicylic acid is significant.

Especially salicylic acid, which is the only complex that can actually penetrate hair follicles for cleansing. It can increase the rate of keratinocyte metabolism and reduce the accumulation of skin surface waste and toxins so that you can stay away from your tired face

Moisturizing care

After cleansing ,coated with moisturizing as soon as possible and make this effect is good, easy to absorb the beauty solution. It is best to use a cotton pad with cosmetic liquid until the cotton pad was transparent, you can see the finger, and then start from the face center, with a slight sag of the skin gently press the skin gently.gently press the skin on the residual lotion, so that it fully penetrates the skin.

Apply face mask to quickly improve the dry

If you are as worried about daily application of mask will lead to over-maintenance, then you can after cleansing with moisturizing beauty solution soaked in paper mask, deposited in the face.

10 minutes after the moisture in the mask will be dry skin, and then spray a layer of make-up water, 5 minutes after the peel, the skin can become moist and tender.

Night sleep with detox night cream

Even if you cannot sleep in the best liver detoxification time before 23:00, but also can be applied before 23 o’clock with the essence of detoxification repair cream, smear with a simple 30 seconds massage, can promote blood circulation, improve cell metabolism vitality and exclusion of skin.

The use of essence

As far as possible before midnight to complete the essence of the liquid smear step, which allows the essence of nutrients in the essence of play. Some of the night-containing essence with nano-infiltration technology or a variety of plant extracts is more likely to penetrate deep into the skin, enhance cell viability, and promote metabolic cycles.

Coated cream tips tips

Our masking method is simple and effective. Apply cream to the face of five (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) were even rub cream on the palm of your hand wrapped around the entire face for 5 seconds, and then left in the palm of the cream, homeopathy brought to the neck Skin, respectively, with the left hand to shoot the right side of the neck, right hand to shoot the left side of the neck 10, can also play tight neck skin, the role of prevention of wrinkle relaxation.

 Wipe the skin with essential oils glory

Bedtime maintenance, in a pot of hot water by adding a few drops of essential oil and stir evenly, first steam steamed face, to be reduced after the water temperature, you can immerse the water in the water, three or five minutes. This method on the skin dry, dull and other issues have a very good effect.


Big Mistakes of Doing Exercise

Everyone looking for the secret of beauty but in real life have anyone ever think that beauty is just outcome from our health.  Exercise has always been known as one of the most effective way to slim down our body in healthy way but in fact not everyone can see the effect even he or she spend few hours for exercise every day. Some even getting worse when having weight gain. By that time, those who not getting the result should review back their plan and process whether there are several reasons as below:

Compensation Psychology after exercise

You may surprise when you see some people tend to eat more after exercise in the reason that “I have exercise enough, have to treat myself better.” There is a research shown by Arizona State University that people are tend to reward themselves after finish the exercise, which called compensation psychology. Moreover, people’s appetite would be increased and then they will eat more after the exercise speed up the metabolism. In fact, in order to lose weight, it is best to implement both exercise and appropriate diet that works in a way to achieve a negative balance of calories. You reduce energy intake and at the same time you increase energy consumption. Your daily intake of calories has to be reduced to about 80% of your daily consumption.  At the basis of your calories reduction, you still need to ensure that you are having three meals a day, with diversity in a balanced way. Then you could achieve your target of weigh loss in a healthy way.

Unchanged Aerobic exercise plan

Research shows that aerobic exercise such as running on a treadmill every day for 45 minutes, may initially be very effective, but may not able to reduce weight after a few weeks. This is because, when you do exercise for 6 to 8 weeks later, the body will be able to gradually adapt to this kind of intensity of the exercise thus, the initial impact on the body’s stimulation may be getting lesser as well. Therefore, the exercise intensity and the time interval cannot remain unchanged, with the increasing athletic ability, both parameters need to be adjusted from time to time whenever necessary. For weight loss, you can choose long aerobic exercise such as jogging, dance, swimming and so on. On top of this, it is best to have muscle training for 2 to 3 times a week to train the muscle and enhance metabolism, so that you can achieve better weight loss. In addition, high-intensity intermittent exercise that mixed with running will see very good result.

Too stress

Exercise is the best way to release stress, but improper exercise plan, such as training results are over expected, goals too difficult to complete, and so on will bring too much pressure. Under normal circumstances, the body endocrine hormone system have everything under control especially to stress but when people getting too high pressure, it will cause higher blood sugar, increasing appetite, weight gain, extreme fatigue and so on. Therefore, you should improve your quality of sleep, relaxing  your mind, doing your exercise training in a relaxing way, rather than put it as a task.

Big Mistakes of Men who Not Doing Skin Care

In life, we often find such a phenomenon: the same age of women always look older than men. There are many reasons but the main reason of all could be  women’s skin is thinner than men’s and having less fat than men’s as well, thus, women’s skin will most likely to get more dry after exposed to sun or smoke. Therefore, women can get more wrinkles than men under the same environment. That’s is why women would tend to take care their skin and keep their beauty more than men do.

As a result, many men would have a misunderstanding that they think they always looks younger so they do not need any skin care, and even wait and think of anti-aging problem only when comes to 40 years old. In fact, this idea is wrong as it would be too late after the man’s wrinkles formed. By that time everything is going to be too late to keep or recover your beauty, and the conditions will go even worse all of a sudden.

Cause of aging

The biggest symptom of skin aging is wrinkles. There are three major causes of wrinkles: UV, dryness and the disorder of the new re-generated skin metabolism.

These factors can reduce the content of the sodium –pca as well as the intramuscular fat, which will be slowing down the skin metabolism, and further will makes the keratoderma losing its moisture and not able to be eliminated. This is how the wrinkles come. The fine lines at the epidermis layer is the biggest factor in the formation of aged skin. Insufficient collagen and skin structure changes, under long exposure of sun, too much stretching of the facial muscle or unnecessary weight loss will contribute to your wrinkles and there is the time when the aging comes.

Anti-aging skin care for Men

Scientific research shows that the pure growth period of the skin is generally last about 25 years old only, after that, the growth and aging happen at the same time. So it is recommended to start to do anti-aging activities from the age of 25, and good news are those wrinkles can be controlled or delayed with good habits and good anti-aging products.

  1. Basic skin care: Cleansing + conditioning + moisturizing
  2. Regular care on cutin
  3. Avoid mistake of skin care mistake

    1st mistake:  Use of women’s skin care products.

There is significant difference of the skin structure between Men and Women, therefore,  using women’s skin care products on Men’s skin tend to get the skin condition even worse;

2nd mistake: Wash your face with plain water only

Washing your face with water only is unable to meet the skin care requirement which is seriously subject to individual.

    3rd mistake: No sunblock

Men are more often engaged in outdoor activities, either working or leisure activities. Too much sun exposure will lead to skin redness, skin allergies or even worse when causing skin cancer, so every man must be aware of sun protection.

How to Know Men is having Aging Problem

Everyone can have aging problem. Some come early, some may come later, but the fact is many men still not aware of the problem even when it has been happening already. This could be due to most of the men are too busy in working or lack of concern on this problem. That’s why nowadays men could look much older than women when both of them reach age of 40s. Below are some tips that can help the men to know more whether they have any aging problem:

  1. Vision: Eye ball become thicker, and vision getting worse for example lack of focus or blur vision on the object.
  2. Hair: Hair follicles on the scalp getting lesser that causing hair loss or slower hair growth, and even worse if some men begin to see his baldhead
  3. Sexual activities: sexual impulse or the desire for having sexual activities getting lesser. The male sexual orgasm for 30 years old man is not less than 100 times averagely per annum, while for 40 years old is not less than 80 times, 50 years old is not less than 60 times, and 60 years old above is not less than 50 times. This statistical result is based on the research from a University.
  4. The angle of the penis erection: Men who aged less than 50 years old is having lower angle of penis erection than men who aged 25 years old only. Men will start to realize themselves having over-aging problem only when they find the condition very bad in that aspect, which is too late already to recover it.
  5. Stamina: Physical stamina is decreasing significantly. For example, 70-year-old man could be having half of the stamina only for a 20-year-old man.
  6. Lung function: chest bones begin to become harder. The lung muscle which controls the breathing mechanism is getting burden than usual. This will cause more and more harmful substances not able to release from the body and persist in the lungs
  7. Heart function: heart regulation system becomes slower, the fastest heart rate per minute is getting lower than the standard number;
  8. Hearing: ear inner membrane getting thicken, ear canal atrophy getting narrow, and the men getting more and more difficult to distinguish or recognize the audio tone or the frequency , which in other words, the sensitivity to the voice getting lower.
  9. Fat: the body fat is gradually increasing, and the fat accumulation getting worse, muscle and organ fat ratio increased;
  10. Muscle and bone: Amyotrophia or muscle getting weaker, atrophia ossis or bone degeneration occurs.

All these are the symptom that gives warning to men who need to aware of the aging problem. Sometimes it may too late for men to do something already when the symptom being observed. Therefore, men need to always keep this in mind and start to engage in those activities that can help to prevent aging problem before it happens.

Health or Beauty Issue due to Insufficient Sleep

In ancient times, people work at sunrise, rest after sunset and let the body follow the rules of nature. Nowadays, heavy workload and social networking makes a lot of people stay up very late at night and sacrifice his or her health for time, which ultimately led to many health problems. Since it is inevitable to stay up so late, how can we reduce this impact to our body?

Stay up late have seven major health issue, especially to our beauty.

  1. Lack of sleep can cause the hearing problem due to insufficient of blood supply for our inner ear, injury hearing. Always stay up late could lead to deafness.
  2. People who always stay up late people used to eat supper, this not only cause people to have difficulty to digest the food, but also may makes them loss of appetite in the next morning, resulting in nutritional imbalance which ultimately lead to obesity.
  3. Skin damage. This is the main concern for many people who like to keep their beauty, especially ladies. People’s skin will be entering reservation state in the evening 10-11pm. People who often stay up late will have disorder of the human endocrine function that could cause dry skin or dullness or lack of elasticity on the skin, or even causing acne, dark spots and other skin issues.
  4. Memory loss. Stay up late too often will makes people feel more excitement at night while have less excitement during the day. Dizziness, memory loss, unable to concentrate, less responsive and so on will happen to them. In long run, there will be more issue such as neurasthenia, insomnia and so on.
  5. Gastric problem. The epithelial cells inside the stomach would be renewed or reborn 2-3 days once averagely and usually happens at night. If you stay late and eat at night, your stomach doesn’t get to rest on time and it will affect the natural repair process. At the same time, supper that left in the stomach for long time will increase the gastric juice that can cause irritation to the gastric mucosa and lead to gastric erosion, ulcers or more issue in long term.
  6. Impact on the immune system. People who often stay up all night will easier to get cold, allergies while you immune system getting bad.
  7. Exposed to risk of heart disease. People who always stay up late will not only having bad temper but also it will increase the risk of heart disease due to insufficient rest for internal organs.

Often stay up all night can bring harm to your body and beauty if you just do it blindly. You can avoid all these if you know the secrets of how to stay up late healthily. This is possible and you able to makes your life better if you have no choice but got to stay up late for whatever reasons such as rushing your work overtime or doing your leisure activities at night time. Lets learn the secret now before you getting too late to avoid the impact on your health and beauty.

Beauty Tips for Those who Often Sleep Late

As discussed earlier, stay up late for your daily task or doing whatever you like at night can cause a lot unexpected impact to your life especially your health and beauty that you should care the most.

Black Tea

Black tea can be chosen as one of the drinks to refresh your day. Although coffee is the drink which no doubt serve the same purpose, it could easily cause insomnia and also consume B vitamins from your body, thus you may get tired easier. According to Chinese medicine research, the best drink to keep you awake so you could stay up longer is the black tea. In addition, whenever you feel tired or suffering from the sleepiness, please do not hesitate to rest or relax your mind for half an hour, or do a deep breath once every half an hour. This simple action not only can increase the oxygen supply of your brain, but also can keep away from sleepiness so you could refresh your mind to continue your tasks or activities.

Fruity meal    

Eat more fruits to protect your eyes. Often working overtime till late night can stress your eyes and cause eye pain, eye dryness, swelling and other eye issues, probably will having temporary vision loss if things getting worse. When you plan to stay up late, you always have to let your eyes rest for 10 minutes after you work for 45 minutes. You can do eye exercises and eat fruits such as mango, oranges, carrots and other fruits or vegetables which rich in vitamin A. This can improve your vision during low light condition when you stay up late, and it can prevent visual fatigue. An experienced director said blueberries is one of the fruits that so suitable for people who need to stay up all night, in addition to protect the eyes, its antioxidant substances can help to prevent fatigue.

Taking a short nap

Always remember to take a nap. There is a Chinese saying which means if you do not sleep all night, you can’t make up the loss even you sleep for ten nights. There was a deputy director suggested that the best remedy of staying up late too often is sleep only, not only sleep well in the coming nights, but also grab time to take a nap during your daytime. Teenagers may need to practice for 2-3 days while men or women who aged 40 years old and and above could used up 5 days to restore back the state as much as possible.

In summary, fruits and sufficient rest are very important to help you to reduce the negative impact of staying up late too often during night time. However, it is best not to practice the habits of sleeping too less in our daily life as it could always harmful to our body and you still need to sleep more to gain back your healthiness. Therefore, a proper planning on your task or time management is the ultimate solutions for this habit.


Beauty Tips Before You Sleep (2)

Below are the tips that can help you preserve your beauty and your slimming body.

Do not take supper

Your body will absorb too much energy if you taking dinner at night, especially before you go to bed. Those excess of energy will be turned into fat, causing obesity. Therefore, do not take any food before you go to bed. You can do something to distract your attention of taking food by doing some activities such as reading a book, watching TV, drink a little bit of water. These habits can makes you get rid of those fats. Saying NO to supper, the body will get to digest fully your dinner so it won’t  accumulate those excess fat in your body, you will be getting slimmer if you practice this in long term.

Massage your belly or abdomen

Massage your abdomen is a very simple way to help you clean the garbage in there, furthermore it can help you to increase your appetizer. This habit can reduce the excess fat in your abdomen or lower body, as massaging can enhance the flow of fresh blood to your abdomen and lower body, you can’t resist to getting slimmer.

How to massage your belly or abdomen

It is best to let your body lie in bed.  first use both of your hands fist pushing gently from your chest to your belly.  You can use your palm instead. Remember to do it in one direction only, do not reverse in another. Be aware that the intensity should be moderate while you pushing, and at the same time try to feel if there is any discomfort, else keep repeat this for 10-20 times.

Blowing your belly with hairdryer

Many people getting fat at waist or abdomen of body because of the reason that the abdomen gets cold if we look at this phenomenon from traditional Chinese Traditional way.  This will cause fat decomposition failure and the fats getting accumulated there. If you can heat it with the hairdryer, you can keep the particular body warm all over the night and blood circulation good as well, it can reduce your fats even more effectively.

Turn off the computer one hour ahead of your sleep

Turn off your computer at least 1 hour earlier before your lovely bedtime. This habit can help you get away from your computer and makes you move around before going to bed, so it can enhance your body’s metabolism. Turn off your computer can reduce the harmful radiation effect, so you can ensure your body is functioning well and preparing for rest before you go to sleep.

Comb your hair for 100 times

Comb hair for 100 times have a lot of advantage, more than you can imagine such as preserve your beauty, weight loss, sleep better and so on. This is because there are a lot of acupuncture point around your head, and massaging your head with comb can help your body’s internal blood circulation becomes much better, and this can get rid of your facts accumulation in your body.

Beauty Tips Before You Sleep (1)

Do something before you go to bed that can help you in weight loss, which can makes you have self detoxification and get slimmer even during your sleep. Learn now any good habits that can makes you become slimmer and healthier!

Soaking or bathing feet in warm water

Foot is the farthest part of the body from the heart, leaving a great impact to the lower body part. Soak your feet with warm water can help to reduce your tiredness and become slimmer as well.  This habit can improve blood circulation in your body, get rid of cold, promote metabolism, and ultimately achieve the goal of losing your weight. At the same time, add up some chinese medicine in the water can even have greater effect.

Feet treatment with warm water should be aware of the following:

  1. The soaking time cannot be too long, the best control is in 15 – 20 minutes. If time is too long, the the blood circulation of your feet would be too fast and causing more blood flow to your lower limbs then cardiovascular could become overload.
  2. The water temperature cannot be too high. The best water temperature should be below 50 ℃, warm but not scalding. Better not to test the water temperature by hand, instead, test it with your foot.
  3. Should not do foot soaking or bathing in less than half an hour after a meal. It will affect the supply of blood for your digestion in stomach, even worse if causing you malnourished if you practise this in long term.
  4. Should not sleep immediately after feet treatment. Massaging your foot while soaking, after that, wear socks to keep your foot warm, sleep only after you get your body temperature backs to normal.
  5. Use larger wooden barrels or enamel pots so you can place your leg comfortably and you can soak your foot up to your calf if so.

 Stretching your body

You can do body stretching before you go to bed. This can reduce your tiredness of the day effectively. Stretching can also exercise your waist and keep it at the correct position of the spine, to ensure that you are good in blood circulation during your sleep whole night. This can recover your body in best condition and eliminate unwanted waste from your organ or body. No doubt it could help your body to get slimmer as well.

Drink less water before go to bed

Generally, your organs or body have entered a state of rest after 21 o’clock in the evening. If you drink lots of water, your internal organs must be re-activated back for the digestion; this can disrupt your biological clock easily, especially increasing the burden of your kidney. So drinking less water before going to bed to maintain the state of rest in your body and you won’t get fat after you wake up from your sleep.

Those are the tips that can keep your body slimmer as well as healthier. There are more and more tips would be introduced so please read further in the next page.

The important things you should know on weight loss.

What are the important things you should know of weight loss?

Body meat can be reduced, but the body shape will not change

Fat loves women’s thighs, buttocks and men’s waist, so obese women like a pear, while obese men are more like an apple. Partial fat loss is almost a fantasy, the use of X-ray to analyze the body before and after weight loss found that local weight loss simply does not work.

Professor of obesity and nutrition research at Boston University School of Medicine, said that:

“Weight loss is a reduction in body fat.”

Weight loss people who have to understand, weight can be reduced, the body cannot be changed.

 The fat on the stomach is more dangerous

Generally speaking, women tend to pear-shaped body, men tend to apple type. Crazy weight loss is usually “female pears”, but the buttocks subcutaneous fat just looks high-profile, abdominal fat is really dangerous presence.

These fat accumulations in the abdomen is notorious visceral fat, they are wrapped in abdominal organs, disrupting the body’s normal metabolic mechanism, the risk index is very high!

Fat is a basic energy supply for the body and that free fatty acids produced by lipolysis enter the liver and produce Energy supply to the human body.

But if your fat is too much, too much fatty acid beyond the liver’s ability to deal with, it will accumulate in the liver, triggering a series of health problems, including non-alcoholic fatty liver, insulin resistance and diabetes. At the same time, some of the hormone secretion of fat cells can induce heart disease, stroke, joint muscle pain and so on.

 Only increase the fat cells

Generally speaking, humans have 1 billion to 3 billion fat cells, but obese fat cells can be as many as 10 billion! Do not think that this huge family of fat cells because of weight loss and “population” plummeted to normal.

Adipocytes are very special, and the fat we eat will be stored in adipocytes in the form of triglycerides to facilitate the body to call at any time. If we are always overeating, it will let the fat cell volume expansion; and weight loss, the fat cells will only shrink in the volume of water, the number is not reduced, and these shrinking fat still retain the ability to expand.

Weight loss cannot reduce the number of fat cells, to reduce the number of fat cells only can rely on liposuction surgery.