Big Mistakes of Men who Not Doing Skin Care

In life, we often find such a phenomenon: the same age of women always look older than men. There are many reasons but the main reason of all could be  women’s skin is thinner than men’s and having less fat than men’s as well, thus, women’s skin will most likely to get more dry after exposed to sun or smoke. Therefore, women can get more wrinkles than men under the same environment. That’s is why women would tend to take care their skin and keep their beauty more than men do.

As a result, many men would have a misunderstanding that they think they always looks younger so they do not need any skin care, and even wait and think of anti-aging problem only when comes to 40 years old. In fact, this idea is wrong as it would be too late after the man’s wrinkles formed. By that time everything is going to be too late to keep or recover your beauty, and the conditions will go even worse all of a sudden.

Cause of aging

The biggest symptom of skin aging is wrinkles. There are three major causes of wrinkles: UV, dryness and the disorder of the new re-generated skin metabolism.

These factors can reduce the content of the sodium –pca as well as the intramuscular fat, which will be slowing down the skin metabolism, and further will makes the keratoderma losing its moisture and not able to be eliminated. This is how the wrinkles come. The fine lines at the epidermis layer is the biggest factor in the formation of aged skin. Insufficient collagen and skin structure changes, under long exposure of sun, too much stretching of the facial muscle or unnecessary weight loss will contribute to your wrinkles and there is the time when the aging comes.

Anti-aging skin care for Men

Scientific research shows that the pure growth period of the skin is generally last about 25 years old only, after that, the growth and aging happen at the same time. So it is recommended to start to do anti-aging activities from the age of 25, and good news are those wrinkles can be controlled or delayed with good habits and good anti-aging products.

  1. Basic skin care: Cleansing + conditioning + moisturizing
  2. Regular care on cutin
  3. Avoid mistake of skin care mistake

    1st mistake:  Use of women’s skin care products.

There is significant difference of the skin structure between Men and Women, therefore,  using women’s skin care products on Men’s skin tend to get the skin condition even worse;

2nd mistake: Wash your face with plain water only

Washing your face with water only is unable to meet the skin care requirement which is seriously subject to individual.

    3rd mistake: No sunblock

Men are more often engaged in outdoor activities, either working or leisure activities. Too much sun exposure will lead to skin redness, skin allergies or even worse when causing skin cancer, so every man must be aware of sun protection.