Big Mistakes of Doing Exercise

Everyone looking for the secret of beauty but in real life have anyone ever think that beauty is just outcome from our health.  Exercise has always been known as one of the most effective way to slim down our body in healthy way but in fact not everyone can see the effect even he or she spend few hours for exercise every day. Some even getting worse when having weight gain. By that time, those who not getting the result should review back their plan and process whether there are several reasons as below:

Compensation Psychology after exercise

You may surprise when you see some people tend to eat more after exercise in the reason that “I have exercise enough, have to treat myself better.” There is a research shown by Arizona State University that people are tend to reward themselves after finish the exercise, which called compensation psychology. Moreover, people’s appetite would be increased and then they will eat more after the exercise speed up the metabolism. In fact, in order to lose weight, it is best to implement both exercise and appropriate diet that works in a way to achieve a negative balance of calories. You reduce energy intake and at the same time you increase energy consumption. Your daily intake of calories has to be reduced to about 80% of your daily consumption.  At the basis of your calories reduction, you still need to ensure that you are having three meals a day, with diversity in a balanced way. Then you could achieve your target of weigh loss in a healthy way.

Unchanged Aerobic exercise plan

Research shows that aerobic exercise such as running on a treadmill every day for 45 minutes, may initially be very effective, but may not able to reduce weight after a few weeks. This is because, when you do exercise for 6 to 8 weeks later, the body will be able to gradually adapt to this kind of intensity of the exercise thus, the initial impact on the body’s stimulation may be getting lesser as well. Therefore, the exercise intensity and the time interval cannot remain unchanged, with the increasing athletic ability, both parameters need to be adjusted from time to time whenever necessary. For weight loss, you can choose long aerobic exercise such as jogging, dance, swimming and so on. On top of this, it is best to have muscle training for 2 to 3 times a week to train the muscle and enhance metabolism, so that you can achieve better weight loss. In addition, high-intensity intermittent exercise that mixed with running will see very good result.

Too stress

Exercise is the best way to release stress, but improper exercise plan, such as training results are over expected, goals too difficult to complete, and so on will bring too much pressure. Under normal circumstances, the body endocrine hormone system have everything under control especially to stress but when people getting too high pressure, it will cause higher blood sugar, increasing appetite, weight gain, extreme fatigue and so on. Therefore, you should improve your quality of sleep, relaxing  your mind, doing your exercise training in a relaxing way, rather than put it as a task.