Beauty Tips for Those who Often Sleep Late

As discussed earlier, stay up late for your daily task or doing whatever you like at night can cause a lot unexpected impact to your life especially your health and beauty that you should care the most.

Black Tea

Black tea can be chosen as one of the drinks to refresh your day. Although coffee is the drink which no doubt serve the same purpose, it could easily cause insomnia and also consume B vitamins from your body, thus you may get tired easier. According to Chinese medicine research, the best drink to keep you awake so you could stay up longer is the black tea. In addition, whenever you feel tired or suffering from the sleepiness, please do not hesitate to rest or relax your mind for half an hour, or do a deep breath once every half an hour. This simple action not only can increase the oxygen supply of your brain, but also can keep away from sleepiness so you could refresh your mind to continue your tasks or activities.

Fruity meal    

Eat more fruits to protect your eyes. Often working overtime till late night can stress your eyes and cause eye pain, eye dryness, swelling and other eye issues, probably will having temporary vision loss if things getting worse. When you plan to stay up late, you always have to let your eyes rest for 10 minutes after you work for 45 minutes. You can do eye exercises and eat fruits such as mango, oranges, carrots and other fruits or vegetables which rich in vitamin A. This can improve your vision during low light condition when you stay up late, and it can prevent visual fatigue. An experienced director said blueberries is one of the fruits that so suitable for people who need to stay up all night, in addition to protect the eyes, its antioxidant substances can help to prevent fatigue.

Taking a short nap

Always remember to take a nap. There is a Chinese saying which means if you do not sleep all night, you can’t make up the loss even you sleep for ten nights. There was a deputy director suggested that the best remedy of staying up late too often is sleep only, not only sleep well in the coming nights, but also grab time to take a nap during your daytime. Teenagers may need to practice for 2-3 days while men or women who aged 40 years old and and above could used up 5 days to restore back the state as much as possible.

In summary, fruits and sufficient rest are very important to help you to reduce the negative impact of staying up late too often during night time. However, it is best not to practice the habits of sleeping too less in our daily life as it could always harmful to our body and you still need to sleep more to gain back your healthiness. Therefore, a proper planning on your task or time management is the ultimate solutions for this habit.