Beauty Tips Before You Sleep (2)

Below are the tips that can help you preserve your beauty and your slimming body.

Do not take supper

Your body will absorb too much energy if you taking dinner at night, especially before you go to bed. Those excess of energy will be turned into fat, causing obesity. Therefore, do not take any food before you go to bed. You can do something to distract your attention of taking food by doing some activities such as reading a book, watching TV, drink a little bit of water. These habits can makes you get rid of those fats. Saying NO to supper, the body will get to digest fully your dinner so it won’t  accumulate those excess fat in your body, you will be getting slimmer if you practice this in long term.

Massage your belly or abdomen

Massage your abdomen is a very simple way to help you clean the garbage in there, furthermore it can help you to increase your appetizer. This habit can reduce the excess fat in your abdomen or lower body, as massaging can enhance the flow of fresh blood to your abdomen and lower body, you can’t resist to getting slimmer.

How to massage your belly or abdomen

It is best to let your body lie in bed.  first use both of your hands fist pushing gently from your chest to your belly.  You can use your palm instead. Remember to do it in one direction only, do not reverse in another. Be aware that the intensity should be moderate while you pushing, and at the same time try to feel if there is any discomfort, else keep repeat this for 10-20 times.

Blowing your belly with hairdryer

Many people getting fat at waist or abdomen of body because of the reason that the abdomen gets cold if we look at this phenomenon from traditional Chinese Traditional way.  This will cause fat decomposition failure and the fats getting accumulated there. If you can heat it with the hairdryer, you can keep the particular body warm all over the night and blood circulation good as well, it can reduce your fats even more effectively.

Turn off the computer one hour ahead of your sleep

Turn off your computer at least 1 hour earlier before your lovely bedtime. This habit can help you get away from your computer and makes you move around before going to bed, so it can enhance your body’s metabolism. Turn off your computer can reduce the harmful radiation effect, so you can ensure your body is functioning well and preparing for rest before you go to sleep.

Comb your hair for 100 times

Comb hair for 100 times have a lot of advantage, more than you can imagine such as preserve your beauty, weight loss, sleep better and so on. This is because there are a lot of acupuncture point around your head, and massaging your head with comb can help your body’s internal blood circulation becomes much better, and this can get rid of your facts accumulation in your body.