Beauty Tips Before You Sleep (1)

Do something before you go to bed that can help you in weight loss, which can makes you have self detoxification and get slimmer even during your sleep. Learn now any good habits that can makes you become slimmer and healthier!

Soaking or bathing feet in warm water

Foot is the farthest part of the body from the heart, leaving a great impact to the lower body part. Soak your feet with warm water can help to reduce your tiredness and become slimmer as well.  This habit can improve blood circulation in your body, get rid of cold, promote metabolism, and ultimately achieve the goal of losing your weight. At the same time, add up some chinese medicine in the water can even have greater effect.

Feet treatment with warm water should be aware of the following:

  1. The soaking time cannot be too long, the best control is in 15 – 20 minutes. If time is too long, the the blood circulation of your feet would be too fast and causing more blood flow to your lower limbs then cardiovascular could become overload.
  2. The water temperature cannot be too high. The best water temperature should be below 50 ℃, warm but not scalding. Better not to test the water temperature by hand, instead, test it with your foot.
  3. Should not do foot soaking or bathing in less than half an hour after a meal. It will affect the supply of blood for your digestion in stomach, even worse if causing you malnourished if you practise this in long term.
  4. Should not sleep immediately after feet treatment. Massaging your foot while soaking, after that, wear socks to keep your foot warm, sleep only after you get your body temperature backs to normal.
  5. Use larger wooden barrels or enamel pots so you can place your leg comfortably and you can soak your foot up to your calf if so.

 Stretching your body

You can do body stretching before you go to bed. This can reduce your tiredness of the day effectively. Stretching can also exercise your waist and keep it at the correct position of the spine, to ensure that you are good in blood circulation during your sleep whole night. This can recover your body in best condition and eliminate unwanted waste from your organ or body. No doubt it could help your body to get slimmer as well.

Drink less water before go to bed

Generally, your organs or body have entered a state of rest after 21 o’clock in the evening. If you drink lots of water, your internal organs must be re-activated back for the digestion; this can disrupt your biological clock easily, especially increasing the burden of your kidney. So drinking less water before going to bed to maintain the state of rest in your body and you won’t get fat after you wake up from your sleep.

Those are the tips that can keep your body slimmer as well as healthier. There are more and more tips would be introduced so please read further in the next page.