Understand the formation of acne on face.

During Summer day, the weather is hot, oil particles and acne from face are mostly due to excessive secretion of facial fat, coupled with the skin has not been thoroughly clean and clean, it will be resulting in pore blockage.

This article will tell you on why some there is formation of acne and pimple on face.The root cause might be due to simulation of drug or skin care. Some drugs contain irritating toxins, if the long-term use will cause accumulation of toxins in the skin tissue, to promote the situation of acne worsening, such as: bromide, iodide drugs and so on. May play a catalytic role in the occurrence of acne, so that the face of acne symptoms increased.

The cuticle of the unclean skin The skin is the outermost layer of tissue, 28 days taken for the outermost horny metabolic cycle. If the cuticle is not normal metabolism and become heavy, then sebaceous glands cannot be discharged normally, so easy to face long-acne.Acne may come from food stimulation which often intake of fried spicy food and other food, such as: spicy hot pot, skewer, melon seeds, walnuts, chocolate coffee, also make acne in the face camp.

There are 8 factors cause the acne formation:

  • Bad habits of health.Some people are not take care in good hygiene habits. There is often contact of face and hand, so the hands of the bacteria will move onto the face. This accidentally brought to the surface to promote acne.
  • Sleep is not sufficient,Not regular lack of sleep can lead to skin metabolism disorders, acne at this time it is easy to grow in the face, most of this acne appears in the forehead on the service site, coupled with a sallow face.
  • Endocrine disorders.Although some female friends ‘face care done very well, her face is not much oil, her face will always be president of some small pieces of acne, why? May be due to endocrine causes, it may be their own endocrine disorders lead to the emergence of acne. For this case, they need to be careful and take care properly.
  • Genetic factors caused by such a cause acne is actually only a small part of the station. Natural skin is generally difficult to change. Prone to acne oily skin, the oil had more than the pores thicker than others, the cuticle is also more heavy. In the winter, oily skin can maintain a good state, but change to summer time, his face will continue to shine, or even blocked a mess, his face grows a bunch of acne!
  • Sebaceous secretion is too strong skin sebaceous glands are secreted throughout the year, while the spring and summer secretion is particularly strong, different people’s sebaceous gland secretion of different oily skin oil secretion is particularly strong, because the secretion of more, so the pores are very easy to plug the face Long acne.