The Miracles of Vinegar

She added a little vinegar to the wash water, there is a shocked change on her face after a month.Vinegar, is not simply blindly seasoning, life, we need it everywhere! After reading this article, every home must be prepared to stock in a few bottles of vinegar.

There are a lot uses of vinegar in home as below:

Face Care

Use a glass of yogurt with 2 droplets of white vinegar.After cleansing face,put on face and wait 10 minutes before wash it away.White vinegar can whiten skin tenderness, increase skin luster, adhere to do this for 1 week,you will see the miracle of vinager.

If you want to remove the eyes wrinkles, you can add the right amount of white vinegar in cold water, light rub with the cotton on eye, it is not only effectively reduce wrinkles, but also the way to remove dead skin ~

Hair removal

With using vinegar shampoo, not only can save money environmental protection, but also effective for anti-dandruff hair loss.

This practice is very simple, as long as 40% in the hot water to join the vinegar, wash the scalp when completely submerged on the line!

Hand moisturizing

Vinegar can use for hand, foot care as well to keep them moisture.There is no need to use hand cream in-deed.After hand washing, soaked in vinegar with the hand, wait 20 minutes and then wash. But a few days, the hands of the skin will be white and tender.

Teeth whitening

Brush your teeth every day before the first with a mouthful of vinegar in about 2 minutes, then rinse your mouth with warm water. You can also add 2 droplets of vinegar onto the toothpaste.

Quick to scale

Add the fish on the vinegar in cold water and soak for 2 minutes,the fish scale will be very easy to scratch. Because it is softened and it will not fly around it.Take the frozen food to immerse in water containing vinegar, just 3 minutes the food will be  thawing!

Rice by aroma

How to cook a fragrant rice? Add some steamed vinegar onto the rice.

Remove stains

Vinegar contains the alcohol component, so it has a better job in the treatment of clothes stains than the role of detergents!

Clothes, oil stains, perspiration, paint stains, blood stains and yellow stains can be cleaned with vinegar!

First immersed the stained clothes with vinegar, rub it repeatedly. Rinse with water and the stubborn stains can be removed!

Clean the scale

In the kettle or bathtub, the faucet around the scale, soak it with vinegar for a while, gently brushing can be restored as new!


Eliminate the smell of the refrigerator

Vinegar is a weak acid can effectively dissolve the food in the refrigerator out of the odor.

Add some vinegar into the bowl, and then put it into the refrigerator. It is a simple and convenient, deodorant effect of a rod!