The magic of ice in skin care

Ice is our summer good partner as it has skin care magical effect. Skin experts tell us that ice can improve the skin’s blood circulation, but also reduce swelling. Many make-up artists also give ice to model to shrink pores before the skin to make-up.

Acne, swelling of the acne, skin inflammation, and sometimes there will be a sense of lumps and pain. Using ice is a good way to eliminate redness. Beside, ice can help acne area to calm and soothe, reduce inflammation, but also can alleviate the pain caused by acne. Use ice and wrapped it in a preservation bag, gently press the bean parts in the burst 5 to 10 minutes.

To swollen eye bubbles

Did not sleep well? Overtime to early morning? Wrapped ice with towel and then deposited onto eyes, you can effectively remove the eye swelling, make you look more spiritual. Want more obvious effect of strong, black tea made of ice, or sliced ​​cucumber frozen in the refrigerator, used to apply to the eyes.

Shrink pores

Before using the foundation, use an ice to roll over the whole face, especially those parts of the pores. Ice water will shrink the pores, and form a good hidden under the end of makeup. If you have the habit of makeup can use the ice before the first large pores that look a smoother look.


Exfoliating is to remove the old dead skin cells and the skin will be more glossy and smooth, try DIY ice scrub. After mashing with fruits and vegetables (such as cucumber, strawberries and mango) and water mixture, and then frozen into the ice lattice. After ice formation, remove the fruit ice gently rub the face of the skin, ice melted into the process of fruit mud can help remove the skin surface of the horny and dirt.This method is facial special care which can be done once  week.