How to Make a Healthy Foot Bath?

There are few methods to do healthy foot bath, some 10 minutes on the bubble amputation, but what is the difference?

People who are accustomed to hot water foot bath should pay attention to this thing. The weather getting cooler, folk are wondering: hot feet, race to eat ginseng; rich eat tonic, the poor foot bath. Many people like to foot bath, including a small nine themselves and their families. Even if it does not value its health function, in the busy one day after a bubble with a hot bubble, the kind of warm and comfortable feeling is also very enjoy.

However, for some people, foot bath not only cannot play a role in improving health, but will become an urging character.
First of all, why foot bath is very comfortable? We first talk about the knowledge of human lower limb blood vessels.Arterial blood from the heart, legs and feet, rich in nutrients and oxygen. After the capillaries, blood with metabolites (garbage) through the venous blood, back to the heart. The distribution of blood vessels in the legs like a twig of branches, all over the muscles, skin.If the arteries expand, nutrient arterial blood flow to increase; if the vein expansion, carrying garbage on the stasis of venous blood.

The foot bath is good but not so magical:
Is foot bath a healing disease?The answer is NO! Hot water foot bath caused by a short period of time within the local circulation will not have a great impact on the systemic circulation, or even like a bath or shower that affect the core body temperature.So for healthy people, foot bath may not cause too much physical changes, so expect to cure various diseases through the foot bath will have no effect.
Is foot bath helps sleeping? It is vary from person to person. For healthy people, lower temperature, short-term foot bath can help sleep, but the elderly and sleep itself is not effective.High-temperature long-term foot bath, but also improve the distal and core body temperature, but not conducive to sleep.

For patients with varicose veins, elevated temperature will increase the local blood flow, thereby increasing the burden of venous return.Hot foot bath, the lower extremity arterial dilation, especially for the skin congestion, more blood into the lower limb; however, the venous return capacity and will not increase.

Therefore, hot water foot bath is easy to become a comfortable choice. The tragedy is: the existence of neuropathy, the patient’s pain, sensory feedback mechanism of water temperature failure, the feet cannot accurately sense the temperature when the temperature will often continue to heat the water, even if it has serious burns, but also unaware.Diabetic foot patients once burned, even if it is a small blister, if not timely medical treatment, may lead to foot infection, ulceration, serious may cause amputation.

Below are some tips for foot bath:
1. Time for foot bath cannot be too long. The best is to control in 15 to 20 minutes.
2. Half an hour after a meal should not doing foot bath. The best meal after 1 hour and then make foot bath.
3. After the foot bath, cannot go into sleep immediately.