How to keep your skin firming ?

How to make your skin firming to look every 18 years old? How to prevent the beauty of aging with your age, we must prevent the improvement of facial skin relaxation, only the skin compact, and will look younger. Next, look at the following six methods to solve the problem of skin relaxation to lets you stay young always.

 1, Adhere to exercise

Exercise can keep young.As we all know, people who regular exercise compare to people who do not exercise ,they looks more young. It is recommended to do more aerobic exercise, such as jogging for more than 30 minutes a day, after sweating, the body of garbage will be discharged, the skin’s metabolism will be faster. Exercise is not only can improve the skin’s relaxation, but also can enhance physical fitness. Increase the amount of exercise can also lose weight

 2, Alternating hot and cold water wash resistance to relaxation

Wash your face in the usual time, the first use of hot water to wash the skin pores will open the face cream in the palm rubbing bubbles, and then coated with the face to clean, after the cleansing product, rinse, wash with cold water. After washing a few times, is the use of thermal expansion and contraction of the principle to improve skin relaxation.

In addition to maintain a good expression habits, help to improve skin relaxation. You can eat chewing gum which promotes facial muscles, thus delaying skin aging, skin and more flexible!

 3, Victoria c to the right amount of added

Victoria c is an essential component of anti-aging women, it not only can promote the formation of skin collagen fibers, but also against the skin caused by aging enemies – free radicals to enhance the skin’s immune and self-protection, delay skin Aging speed, therefore, want to delay skin aging, resistance to facial sagging, facial skin relaxation is very important.

 4, facial scraping

The facial scraping not only can promote blood circulation, but also can speed up the metabolism of the skin, promote aging cells shedding, keep skin youthful! Face Scraping in the beauty salon is very popular now, you can go to beauty salons to for your face Gua Sha , Do it regularly, long-term down your face will be ruddy with color. This is a good way to maintain beauty.

 5, Sunscreen is very important

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation on the skin will have great harm, but once the damage is difficult to repair, especially into mature skin.Skin‘s self-defense and protection has been less than the skin when young, at this time once subject to excessive ultraviolet radiation , it is easy to breed spots, the birth of fine lines, so that facial skin becomes loose, loss of elasticity, so the sun throughout the year homework must be done. There is a very important point, after the defense must be thoroughly remover, so as to avoid pore blockage and prevent skin to bring more troubles.