How to have a beauty sleep?

Sleeping is very important and how to have a quality sleep without wrinkles creation after long press on bed? US scientists have done some experiments: they prepared a number of transparent inflatable pillows for 15 volunteers sleep face contact with the pillow at a glance. After comparing a series of photos, they concluded that: During sleeping, cheek is squeezed, there will be a lot of wrinkles at the corner of the eye and other areas of the skin.

When we are young, the repair of skin renewal is active, good elasticity, these folds may be temporary, will be faster recovery; but if it is day after day to squeeze, wrinkles will be formed along these folds.Especially with age, the aging of the body’s various functions, skin elasticity is declining, these long-term fold place, will be more quickly to form A difficult to eliminate or even permanent wrinkles. Drinking, smoking, and ultraviolet radiation all accelerate this aging, especially for dry skin.

How can we avoid wrinkles during sleep?
As for a variety of common sleeping position on the health effects of foreign countries have been summed up as below:

Best sleeping position : Supine
Prevent neck and back pain, reduce the risk of gastric acid reflux, the greatest degree of reduce wrinkles, but also to maintain self-confidence in the chest.
Snorers carefully selected.

Supine is the simplest sleeping position. Supine can make your head, neck and spine in the natural physiological curve (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, caudal vertebrae these parts have a natural curvature), very comfortable. While the other sleeping position may make your back forced to distort. Supine sleep position can avoid acid reflux of the best choice. Because the supine, the pillow will raise the head, so that the stomach in the lower esophagus, so the stomach acid that you want countercurrent not so easy!Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, supine, a major drawback is that snoring will become more frequent and more serious. Because the supine, the tongue may fall after gravity due to gravity, blocking breathing, increase your chances of snoring. Therefore, snoring people to consider whether or not to change a sleeping position.

Better sleeping position: Side Sleep
In addition to preventing neck and back pain, reduce gastric acid reflux, side can also reduce snoring, especially for mothers.
Skin wrinkles and sagging breasts. From the perspective of general health, the side sleep position is indeed a great choice. Side not only to keep the spine in the extended state, to reduce the call also has a certain effect! If you suffer from stomach acid reflux of torture, the side is supine sleeping position. Mothers pregnant at 20 weeks or more, if the supine, a heavy uterus may be oppressed to the anterior spinal artery of the abdomen, so that branching out from the abdominal aorta uterine artery blood slowly. Therefore, for pregnant mothers in the late, side sleeping position is a good choice.But this side sleep position should also be divided into about one point, because the uterus will naturally give birth to the right rotation, in order to prevent the uterus “crooked” too much, mothers are best to choose the left side of sleeping position.However, the side will be a long stretch of the ligament of the breast, affecting its elasticity resulting in chest sagging.

Less ideal sleep position :fetal type

Reduce snoring, suitable for mothers.
Is not conducive to reduce head and neck pain, wrinkles, breast sagging and other issues.
Fetal sleeping position can make you feel a sense of security, as in the same mother was under the care. However, such a large scale curled up, back muscles are often over-stretched, resulting in adverse consequences. Raising the knee high, chin in the chest, sleeping in this sleeping position one night, and will not make people feel comfortable, if you have inflammation of the spine or other joints, but also make the pain increased.
This large bending of the posture will limit the body’s diaphragm, hinder breathing. Oh, if you have wrinkles and breast sagging in advance, and for this endless anguish, may wish to think about your sleeping position is ideal, in addition to supine, the other sleeping position can cause these sad reminder changes!

The worst sleeping position :prone
Reduce snoring.
Increased neck and back pain, wrinkles, breast ptosis and other issues.
Although belly-down is the resting posture of most mammals, it is “the worst sleeping position” for humans. Because the prone not only cannot guarantee the spine in the most relaxed physiological state, but also to the joints and muscles to increase the extra pressure, this additional pressure will stimulate the corresponding motor nerve, and ultimately you will wake up, not only the lack of fatigue, some parts but felt very painful, or feel numb, tingling.

In summary,different sleeping position has its own advantages and disadvantages.We can just try to adjust our sleeping position to the comfort posture.