How to have a beautiful skin:

This is going to be a nice sharing on girls how to become more beautiful and men who read this must share it to his girlfriend.

Remove acne scars

Press the ginger slices with little pressure of a finger at the scar for about 15 minutes, before going to sleep, then wash your face the next morning. You will surprise that this method is so effective to deal with acne scars after a week of practice.

Magic index: 3/4         effective index: 4/4

Scrubbing your face

Sprinkle some white sugar on your face and then rub your skin gently with half piece of lemon. This is very effective in removal of the dead skin and reduces your sunburn marks.

Magic index: 2/3         effective index: 3/4

Homemade skin firming wash or toner

Mix up some cucumber juice with Lemon juice. This could become the natural skin firming toner, but please be aware of its freshness if you keep in long term.

Magic index: 3/4         effective index: 3/3

Lengthen your eyelashes

Keep the leftover of your drinking tea to become cool, rinse a cotton bud and moisten your eyelashes before your bedtime or the next morning, this will help to lengthen your eyelashes.

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Magic index: 4/4         effective index: 4/5

Scrubbing your skin

Scrub gently on your elbows, knees, or your heel with talcum, you can apply some Vaseline on the severe part after that and cover it with bandage overnight。

Magic Index: 2/2         effective index: 3/4

Get away bruises

What could we do with the bruises as it is so apparent and ugly sometimes? Cook and peel the egg then roll it over the bruises. You would be surprised when the bruises gone just like that. Anyway, the eggs no longer can be eaten.

Magic index: 5/5         effective index: 5/5

Eliminate the appearance of dark eye circles

First, prepare some cold water, milk and facial. Mix up the cold water and milk to ratio of  1: 1, and then rinse the facial paper and stick it to the eyes area for around 15 minutes, you can see the effect very soon.

Magic Index: 2/2         effective index: 3/4

Remove deep pore or “blackheads”

Tear off the outer film layer of the raw eggs and stick it to your nose. Peel off  when it dry, you would be surprised that the deep pore are all gone.

Magic index: 4/5         effective index: 4/5

2 secret remedies for freckles

  1. Take 10-30 ml of carrot juice and apply to your face after face wash on the morning and at night. Clean your face again after it dry. In addition, take a glass of carrot juice everyday to whiten your skin.
  2. Take a glass of lemon juice, you may add in sugar to make the taste better. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. .