How to get weight loss for your beauty:

There are 22 weight loss habits would be shared with you here.Those habits in our daily lives can be known easily, as long as we do care enough in our daily lives. We would achieve our desired weight, as long as we practice in a serious manner, and practice every day.

1. Develop your habit of drinking tea: green tea can be anti-radiation and help you lose weight, but if your stomach is not good, you can try Pu-Er Chinese tea.
2. Exercise your chest and abdomen: while working in the office, do not forget to remind yourself to exercise by rising up your chest and abdomen, meanwhile, you can exercise your back and abdominal muscles, as well as keep your beautiful posture, why not?
3. Determined not to take the elevator within 3 floors. Even practice this if you go shopping.
Whenever you can climb the stairs, do not take the elevator. If you climb 10 stairs every day, it is same like you running for 10 minutes.
4. During your dinner outside, rinse off the oil on top of the food with a cup of boiled water or tea before you eat.
5. Drink plenty of water. How much of water you drink every day would influence your weight. Water is act like automatic high-temperature device of your body’s metabolic, once your body lack of insufficient water, your body will begin to store fat.
6. Exercise during your weekend. Most people can find a lot of reasons not to do exercise during weekends, but if you are willing to spend some time to exercise during your weekend, you will reach your weight loss faster.
7. Do not drink Coke, canned fruit juice, or beer. The calories of these foods are more than you could imagine. Some more, those drinks are not good for health.
8. Making fruit salad with yogurt instead of typical salad dressing, it always makes you healthier.
9. Do not use high-calorie sauces for your meal seasoning, often read the magazine about health and learn to cook healthy dishes that could help in weight loss.
10 Keep some healthy snacks in your briefcase, ensure the portion would be enough only for one person.
When you work overtime, you can eat the snacks, so that you will not be too hungry, but not too full as well, because you still need a healthy meal after that.
11. Drink a glass of water before meals, make sure you practice this for every meal.
12. Often wear high heels and shoes: This can exercise all muscles of your calf.
13. Fried foods will not only increase you fat in long term, but also it is carcinogenic and cause your skin deterioration. Stay away from them.
14. Increase your intake of alkaline food. Such as kelp, vegetables, white radish or tofu, although such food could not satisfy the appetite of most people, but they are beneficial to their body.
15. Reduce your intake of acidic foods. But unfortunately, the delicious food is almost acidic, such as meat, seafood, wine and desserts.
16. Eat less meat, but still have to eat. You could take some only for a day, it is good enough for your body’s need.
17, Take your meal in the order of soup first – followed by vegetables – then staple food – then only come to meat. This can effectively reduce your intake of calories. You will not feel hungry easily as well.
18. Extend your meal time to 20 minutes or more. The brain often takes 20 minutes at least to tell yourself that your stomach have been full actually.
19. Brush your teeth immediately after a meal. The feeling of refreshing mouth will refresh your mood as well but also could stop you from taking any snacks since you have brushed your teeth.
20. 7-8 hours a day for your sleep time. Adequate sleep is the best way to maintain your beauty and your weight. Many scientists have found that women prone to gain weight if sleep less than 5 hours a day.
21. After 9 pm, determined not to eat anything, except only water. Take your dinner as early as possible, so that your body could digest all the food before it go to rest.
22. Reward yourself to eat some snack for a day a week, perhaps. However, don’t take too much.
Friends, all these habits above requires long-term adherence and your strong determination, and definitely weight loss for your beauty would be more effective if you could take your weight loss products at the same time, ended up slimming is no longer a dream.