How to get rid of acne on face?

  1. Keep the skin clean:Do not use too clean products, the skin itself has self-defence function will secrete more oil, resulting in greasy and acne more rampant.
  1. Make good replenishment work:the skin itself can only secrete oil, and cannot provide the skin with the necessary moisture, so the need for the outside world to inject moisture into the skin, choose their own replenishment skin care products, daily morning and evening after cleansing replenishment, balance.
  1. Choose the appropriate acne products:In the early and mid-term choice for skin care products to cure acne
  1. Timely response to the concurrent symptoms:
  2. In addition to acne, the oily skin blackheads, large pores should be timely response to, usually need to do the basic nursing work, like a mask, exfoliating every few days once a week.

Understand the parts of your face or body which likely to form acne:


Forehead is easy to create oil especially the T part of the site, if the forehead is fringe, then more airtight, which is the formation of a breeding ground for acne. So, do not cover the forehead with hair to prevent acne formation.


This area is not easy to has dry acne. Therefore, we have to moisture our cheek and  choose non-oily products.


Chin is often tending to have sebum secretion than imagined more! So wash your face to pay special attention. Remember not to touch it, squeeze it!


Neck should be seen as part of the face, if you rub the lotion or too oily cream too much it will likely to form acne.


In addition to the face, the back is the body sebaceous glands secrete the most exuberant places. We clean the back when the action to be extra careful to take care of the face of the skin, generally lightly scrub, so that will not be too much to stimulate the back of the acne, but because of excessive brushing will increase redness of the acne inflammation.

To make the cleaning work well, you can rub with calendula, aloe, zinc dioxide and other formulations of the treatment of pox skin care products, so that the acne on the back slowly disappeared.


Due to sebum secretion, airtight, and thus easy to develop acne, it is best to clean or wear cotton underwear regularly to enhance the permeability.Ancient soap is now all the cleansing products inside the most gentle wash unloading a complete experience of the pores of the sense of fun, dense soft foam deep clean, but also antibacterial anti-inflammator to  control oily acne.With the heart of vegetation green tea soap cleansing after cleaning, apply moisturizing nutritional emulsion. Care of the skin, starting from the cleansing.