How to business your life during 30-47 years old?

1, Mature

When you cannot grasp the fate of some kind of love, you have to learn to let go. To let own physical and mental a new beginning, as long as the confidence in the courage to work hard in success.

2, Friendship

Sincere friendship is the warmth of a life jacket. It is built on your character and temperament, at this age you must cherish it and love your friends.


Be sure to do our own best and kindness is often sowing, unintentionally, will be out of the most beautiful flowers of humanity.

4, Learn music

Music can cultivate sentiment, it will wash your body and mind. Will open your memory and imagination, devotion, will bring you unexpected peace.

5, To avoid the two kinds of suffering

One suffering is fail to get and the second is love. The world’s most bitter love, if at this time there is such an affair, be sure to clean up the dust, as it clears out from the heart house.

6, Learn to tolerate

Some things need to be forgotten silently, after a long wisdom; some pain and trouble need to silently to tolerate with.Forgotten is hard but we have to learn to tolerate in life and let the bad things go to.Life goes on,so be tolerate and happy.

7, Retain the heart of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving heart must always keep, it not only makes you pity a sand of a stone, a grass, but also let you indifferent to some kind of invisible pressure to appease your desire and struggle, more often, there are some happy feeling Often from this.

8, Love of work

We reflect the value and achievement of a necessary content in our daily work. Be sure to love it, it makes you most of the time to do something and love your work with enjoy it.

9, Love Learning

Reading and learning are the wisdom activity and it is not only to ensure that your memory, perception. Some of your ideas come from this, some insights is come from this. To maintain your personality and charm, you can be  practicing yoga to keep clam ad beauty.

10, Love sport

Many people think that they are fat, they are ugly. Therefore, someone desperately to diet to lose weight, and someone desperately to become pretty will go for cosmetic surgery. Most of your time is wasted in such circumstances, it is better to enjoy the sport, enjoy the nature.

Your weight will not rise because of laziness; your appearance will not be reduced because of years of vivid. Then you are in a way to save your youth, your happiness, your health. Life is short, so it is important to make business our own health and happy life. Happiness, is to find a warm person over a lifetime.