How to bathe to promote health and live longer?

Life is short and our health is closely related, so we must be careful in life to observe our own physical health. There is some parts of our body need to be clean to promote the body’s health and longevity of life.

 1) Wash your toes

Washing feet can be described as a very enjoyable thing to do. It is recommending to soak feet with warm water every night which will also conducive to sleep, can improve the body’s blood circulation, promote our body metabolism, so as to achieve the purpose of health care.However, there are a lot of people soak feet with their feet rubbing each other like a twist. In fact, this washing method is wrong. It is the recommended to use hand to scrub to make our body healthier and more longevity.When we use warm water for foot bath,we can adjust our body’s endocrine system, enhance our body’s organ function, so as to achieve the health and effects of disease prevention and treatment.

Rub the role of the toes

When we rub the toes, toe tips and some will feel the pain, but also feel very comfortable, if we feel the pain when it shows that our body is abnormal.Beside, kneading toes can promote our body to restore health as soon as possible, and play a role in health care.Rubbing toes can help food absorption and digestion and to eliminate the swelling of our body, but also to improve the symptoms of diabetes.

 2 )Wash the armpit

Armpit is rarely touched in the daily life, but in fact, the armpit is the area of our body which we need to carefully clean it.Many medical experts will be classified as one of the five armpits health area, often scrubbing press armpits, for our health is very good.

The benefits of scrubbing the armpits

When we rub the armpit, it will inevitably press the armpit above the points, this point is very important.There is traditional Chinese medicine theory which mentioned that acupuncture and massage has the effect of wide-chested which can effectively treat coronary heart disease, angina, cerebrovascular sequelae and other circulatory diseases. In addition, often rubbing armpit, will helps treatment of intercostal neuralgia and other neurological diseases, including frozen shoulder and so on.

And there are many axillary arteriosclerosis blood vessels, and a large number of lymphoid tissue, responsible for the important mission of blood transport, but also immune defense function.Regular scrub the armpit, can effectively improve the body’s blood supply, and stimulate the lymph, improve heart and lung function, increase appetite, and also improve digestion.

3)Wash the triangular fossa

Triangle fossa is the corner of our ear parts of the nest, often rubbing here and rubbing, for high blood pressure, neurasthenia, withdrawal syndrome, there are many good regulation effect.When we rub the triangle nest, you can use the appropriate nail pinch to feel a slight pain .

4) Cleaning the calf

Nowadays, people are long sitting in front of the computer, which are very detrimental to our body circulation and this is easy to cause obesity.Daily cleaning your calf, can quickly improve the body temperature, thereby speeding up the body’s metabolism, can help us burn fat effectively.In the scrub the leg when the use of a little will make people feel sore but feel comfortable