How to have a Healthy Diet?

-Do not over take the amount of your 3 basic meals everyday: Keep that good enough only for your daily energy consumption as it is not beneficial at all if you take the amount more than your needs.
Do not eat right before you go to bed. It will makes your stomach not enough for rest and influence the quality of your sleep as well. Moreover it would lead to excess nutrients. You could take a cup of hot milk if you feel hungry as the milk wont accumulate fat.
-You have to eat breakfast everyday: ensure your breakfast have sufficient nutrition. It will cause low blood sugar easily if you skip breakfast.
You will not feel energetic if you take insufficient breakfast, then you might take excessive food during lunch due to hunger and it will cause weight gain.
-Eat light food only without snacks in higher sugar:
Those sugar will be fully absorbed by the body and cause your weight gain.
-Eat mushrooms once a day: Mushroom have lower calories, but rich in vitamin B2 and vitamin Das well as phosphorus, iron, calcium and other healthy elements. Moreover, it is rich in protein as well and could help to reduce cholesterol. Your stomach could feel full easily by having mushrooms in your meal without getting your body fat.
-Vinegar mixed with fungus: fungus is food consist of ultra-low calorie and richer in fibre than any ordinary vegetables, easily up to 10 times. Besides, it is very rich in iron, potassium and could reduce cholesterol effectively. It could help to lower down blood pressure and improve your constipation, and restrain someone’s blood sugar. It could help you to lose weight easily. Eat with vinegar and spicy pepper seasoning could be even better.
-Taste should be light, not too heavy: If taste too strong it would increase your appetite so you might eat more, and make you feel thirsty to drink plenty of water.
-Take more healthy grains: buckwheat is rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements, lysine, its fibre could help to reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrate. It could stay longer in stomach so you could probably inhibit fasting, so definitely is a suitable food for weight loss. Besides, food such as corn, sorghum, black beans, and soybeans do have similar effects.
-Do not take your meal immediately after exercise: the human digestion and absorption could be much active than usual right after exercise. Fat would be accumulated easily in your body if you take meal after exercise.
2-3 hours later after exercise would be the best time to have your meal.
-Do not take your meal selectively: unbalanced nutrient intake would lead to obesity.
-Drink water first before meal: drink hot water is recommended. It could reduce your appetite or hunger so you won’t take too much food.
-Eat raw vegetables: vegetables without cooking with oil is lower in calories, so it could reduce appetite.
-Diet with exercise: during diet, basic metabolism will be reduced. Exercise helps in metabolism.
Sweating during exercise can consume more calories and unwanted acidic waste by body. In the end it could eliminate weight loss healthily.
-Chew your food up to 20 times in your mouth: Chewing your food could produce more saliva can which beneficial in your digestion; as well as stimulate your brain that your stomach is full so you would eat less.
-Intake of high protein: Food which rich in high protein helps to reduce hunger. And it consume more calories to digest it.
If this continues happens, it can improve weight loss.
-Eat more solid food: You takes longer time to finish your solid food. Your speed of having the meal getting slower and you will eat less since you getting the feeling of fullness after 20-30 minutes later, which makes you eat lesser after that.