Beauty Travel Tips

How do you want to bring cosmetics during travel?

Carry the liquid cosmetics (lotion, lotion, facial cleanser, sleep mask, moisturizing gel, etc.), each marked capacity cannot exceed 100mL – that is, a 200mL bottle only 50mL lotion, cannot bring the plane.

  • These cosmetics should be packed in a reseal able transparent plastic bag with a capacity of no more than 1000 mL.
  • Solid cosmetics (lipstick, powder, antiperspirant sticks, etc.) are not included.

Tips: The bottle in the box should be tighten one, wrapped with plastic wrap tightly wrapped around the first bottle, and finally wrapped with soft clothing as a buffer, to avoid the shipment of cosmetics by extrusion and leakage. Hand carry the fragile products, such as powder, eye shadow.

Reduce the burden of travel tips

Calculate the facial cleanser, lotion, and cream every time to use 0.5 ~ 1mL, multiplied by the number of times outside, is roughly the amount of required to carry. It can be purchased before the sub-bottling, packaging part of the commonly used skin care products; did not run out of sub-installed skin care products, is not recommended for future use, to avoid excessive microbes.

Beside, you can accumulate some of the sample. But the sample and the quality of the sample may not be installed product stability, usually pay attention to seal the dark, once the color, taste, water and oil separation, or even grow plaque, that has deteriorated, cannot be reused.

If you have short hair, can consider to buy shampoo / bath dual-use products. Long hair shampoo can be used to combo hair shampoo; use silicon-free shampoo, it is necessary to prepare a separate hair conditioner or hair.

Body wash can be used instead of facial cleanser, body cleansing oil can be temporarily with the face cleansing oil universal.

Shampoo, sunscreen these heavy and easy to consume goods, can be in the local supermarkets, shopping malls, duty-free shops to buy.

Normal indoor environment relative humidity is generally 30% to 65%, while the cabin humidity is often only 10% to 20%. Dry environment, coupled with the temperature is not high, this time the skin may dry discomfort. You can apply the mask in the long flight, or when there is a sense of tension with water on the face, and then coated with lotion lotion. On the plane before the temporary use of high moisturizing skin care products is recommended as well.

In addition, at high altitude, the sun protection cannot be ignored. The windows on the plane cannot isolate the UVA in the sun, and UVA will make people tan, the worst can cause skin cancer. Try to pull down the shade when flying, and moderate use of sunscreen, is the aircraft against UV effective measures.

In addition to sunscreen moisturizing cream and other conventional things, you must take the antioxidant essence, and antiperspirant spray. Anti-oxidation is to add sunscreen effect. In addition to antiperspirant spray antiperspirant to the armpit, you can also spray the soles of the feet, to avoid sweating.