8 Top things women should spend money on?

There are 8 things which women should spend their money on:

1) Used to live

Women who are in economic independence, in order to obtain the respect of the capital of men. Daily living expenses is the most basic part, the most important function of money is to feed themselves. Live is the only the basic life woman should take care of before spend money on other things.

2) Used to maintain themselves

No money, no maintenance, no make-up! Women should know how to invest in their own in any time, so that their time to maintain self-confidence and unique charm. Maintain beauty, practice yoga, eat more meals and more exercise, not about men, but for themselves.

3) Used for learning

Women at this age, tend to be submerged in the complicated work and busy families, therefore the interest in learning seems to have slowly disappeared. Old saying goes: live to learn until old. Read a good book, try new things, or even just learn a new dish, master a life skill: homemade ice cream, to continue to enrich themselves and always keep on life Of the interest and enhance their motivation.

4) Used for occasional entertainment

Spend money on things that will make you happy. Leisure time and with friends hanging out to drink tea, shopping, eating dessert. Sometimes watch a movie tour, and even a whim and girlfriends with no plans to go out to explore the delicious fun, you can make mood instantly clear up, life is so beautiful.

5) Used to fight their own business

Women should have a career. When you want to start a business, do not forget, the courage to try the premise is to have capital. Even if you just want to go to work step by step, but also need to prepare for the skills, job promotion: to participate in training courses, purchase information, learning related knowledge and skills

6) Used to maintain the family

Although the task of supporting the family fell on the shoulder as a pillar of the man, but the woman can not completely let it go. To buy their own learning materials, to cultivate children’s interests and hobbies, a good mother’s role; her husband birthday to send him a new tie for the plain life to add a touch of romantic sentiment

7) Used for business friendship

Family and friendship also need to be maintained. Friends get together to talk about each other’s situation, while to know more people and to express our value for this friendship.

8) Give yourself a piece of insurance

Human are not able to be forever young. When you are old, you are not able work, who will protect your life? We cannot throw this burden to the next generation to take care on. To give yourself a piece of insurance, is a rainy day, ahead of investment, but also for their future life.